What can you do with UTORA?

Search, explore & ask questions on your data in real-time.

Connect your data to UTORA Cloud and start analysing instantly. Query in natural language instead of spending time in framing technical data queries for structured data.

Who can use?

Decision-makers who rely on time critical insights from data

Users who look to search & explore data using natural language. They can interact, visualise & analyse their data in self-service mode without the need of a data expert in-between.

How to start?

Connect to UTORA secured cloud instance to start analysing your data

UTORA Sample Data

Experience UTORA on a demo setup with sample data

Your Sample Data

Upload a snippet of your data for in-context experience

Your Data Source

Connect to your live data source for a real-time experience

Available as-a-service on the cloud, UTORA is designed not to copy, store or modify your data.

UTORA Feature List

Connect your data easily

Upload data or connect to existing data sources to quickly start analysing datasets.

Query in natural language

Use English language instead of framing technical data query like SQL, Graph etc.

Dynamic visualization

Intelligently created, most optimal visualization of query output.

Data discovery & training

No training required per query or question. Auto discovery of data.

Collaboration support

Use collaborative features to share, save & personalize dashboards for team-work.

Real-time help

Get real-time guidance while framing queries for improved speed of analysis.

How is UTORA being used?

Self-Service Data Analysis

Automated technical query generation for adhoc analysis

Unified Experience for Data Migration

A singular interface for data consumers as enterprises migrate data stores

Application Embeddability

Embed simplified BI experience for existing Data Products

User Stories