Instant Insights

for data-driven enterprise teams

Wait no more for information or reports

UTORA combines domain data & machine intelligence to deliver instant insights in the form of answers to your questions

Plugin Data

Overlay existing data with navigation & visualisation.

Spot Insights

Discover insights based on natural language questions.

Take Actions

Insights-led actions to bring workflows to completion.

Simplified self-service user experience

UTORA applies AI augmentation technology to simplify human interactions with domain specific data

Query-less Interface

Easy navigation and visualisation on data without having to write machine queries.

Domain Intelligence

Natural language like interface for pluggable domain specific insights.

Recommendation Engine

Recommendations by continuously learning from end users and experts.

Freedom from over-dependence on experts

UTORA makes it easy to get insights without having to always rely on back-end experts

Instant Insights for Enterprise Data

UTORA is available for web scale companies where data-driven decisions are time-critical for business.

Continuous Fitness for Enterprise Networks

UTORA provides deep network domain expertise for data-driven tasks with expert guidance.



UTORA believes that quality of human decisions is distinctly improved when augmented by machine intelligence. UTORA
deploys next-generation technologies to simplify the human decision-making experience, making it possible to arrive at quality
decisions with lightning speed.

Anmol Nautiyal
Anmol NautiyalCo-Founder & CEO
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Technology Executive with twenty two years of experience in software product domain. Previously served as Executive Director at IBM Labs. PGP in Management from Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad, India.
 Anindya Neogi, PhD
Anindya Neogi, PhDCo-Founder & CTO
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Ph.D. in Computer Science, University at Stony Brook, New York. 27+ patents, 25+ publications (3000+ citations) including an ACM test-of time award and best paper awards. Ex-IBM Research and Berkeley-based networking start-up.
Anupam Nautiyal
Anupam NautiyalCo-Founder & CPO
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Twenty years of expertise in enterprise IT management, infrastructure design and solutions. Ex-VMWare. Rich entrepreneurial experience as the founder of technology startups.