UTORA App for Network Fitness

Analyse network data for an effective assessment of enterprise network fitness. Utilize network data from multiple sources such as device configurations, OS vulnerabilities (CVE), network changes, device currency information or ISP performance etc to significantly increase uptime & improve network stability.

The Network Fitness Problem

Inability to apply appropriate network configurations, in a timely manner, contributes to poor health of network devices, resulting in a weak stability & security posture

The New Network Fitness Cycle

Continuously detect, resolve and verify gaps in device configurations by benchmarking network devices against open industry practices and references.

Continuous Quantitative Assessment

UTORA collects enterprise network data across multiple sources and performs continuous quantitative assessment on devices. Network teams can get a proactive score of network configuration fitness. They can optionally plug-in additional external data to discover new insights.

Power of Proactive Remediation

UTORA enables large scale configuration gap remediations of routers, switches, firewalls and wireless APs. It tracks remediation history and provides intelligent notifications. Network teams are empowered with cross-client insights and a knowledge base of open industry practices to evaluate specific remediation decisions.

Cut the Clutter with Simplified Interaction

Easily comprehend and communicate the network status with numeric scores and targeted answers. Near natural language interface to simplify usage across various roles in the team and in-context help with curated expert recommendations.

As-a-Service on the Cloud

UTORA is available as a Cloud service with a light-weight software footprint inside the enterprise network for device interaction. Available as a subscription service on per device consumption basis.

User Stories

Chief Network Officer

With UTORA, we are now able to continuously view network fitness scores and can remediate our gaps at our convenience. The end-to-end cycles which used to take many months can now be completed in minutes. Moreover, we are able to dramatically reduce our network outages.

UTORA for CISCO Network

Selected for CISCO’s Startup Accelerator in 2019

Invited to showcase innovation for CISCO’s annual European conference at Barcelona in January 2020

CISCO DNA team featured UTORA use-case at CISCO Live 2020 at Barcelona